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Main features:

It is controlled by PLC and INDUSTRIAL computer, and be able to chart the time and pressure parameters of the test process, generate test reports and archive electronically.

The pressure can be set manually by the pressure regulating valve, the pressure gauge shows the pressure, and the pressure transmitter detects the pressure in real time.

 The system can realize the gradient control of pressure boost, pressure holding and pressure lowering twice; The holding pressure is adjustable in the range of 0-6mpa. The volume detection can be increased.

Air Suspension/Air Spring Bursting  Testing   Machine Specification
1Working platform   hight1050mm
2Working table   effective space1000×1000mm
3Distance between   table and upper plate1300mm
4Working platfrom   stroke Max 800mm
5Applicable air spring   diameter Max 300mm
6Hydraulic system   design pressureMax 6MPa
7Hydraulic system   working pressureMax 5MPa
8Pressure surgeLess than 5% of the   holding value 

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