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Rotocure is the continuous vulcanization equipment for the production of conveyor belts, rubber sheets, vulcanizing various kinds of rubber plates, conveyor belt, waterproof material, printing mackintosh, rubber & plastic floor mat and other  rubber products under constant tension, smooth surface, uniform thickness, internal dense, and no repeated twice vulcanized joints.  Also according to customers' technical requirement, we do custom-tailor the vulcanizing machine lines.

Five Drum Rotocure Line Technical parameters / Specification
Technical parametersGL2000 x 3000GL2000 x 2600GL2000x2300GL2000x2000GL2000x1800GL2000X1300
Main Drum Diameter(mm)Ф 2000Ф 2000Ф 2000Ф 2000Ф 2000Ф 2000
Main Drum Length(mm)300026002300200018001300
Other Four Drum Diameter(mm)Ф 1200Ф 1200Ф 1200Ф 1200Ф 1200Ф 1200
Steel Band Width(mm)280024002100180016001100
Steel Band Thickness(mm)
Steel Band Length(mm)211002110021100211002110021100
Steel Band Unit Pressure5kg/cm25kg/cm25kg/cm25kg/cm25kg/cm25kg/cm2 
Max Product Width(mm)26002200190016001400900

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