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Structure features:
It combines cord fabric pasting, steel wire mounting, cord fabric wrapping and type surface gluing together and therefore enjoys high automation. Being easy to operate, this equipment is an advanced shaping equipment.
The machine is comprised of the shaping drum, cord fabric pasting system, steel wire mounting device, pressing structure, cord fabric & type surface after-treatment equipment, feeding and coat fabric reeling structures.

Main Technical Parameter 
Product typeM/C-STB0815M/C-STB1621
Forming modeFlat drum expansionFlat drum expansion
Applicable tire size(inches)8~15"16~21"
Servicer layers(layer)44
Ply width(mm)≤500≤500
Ply roll diameter(mm)≤450≤450
Liner cloth diameter(mm)≤250≤250
Building machine speed(r/min)35/12035/120
Motor power(kw)Host 2.2 servicer 0.75x4Host 2.2 servicer 0.75x4

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