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It is mainly used for air tightness test of air spring and air spring roll.


Machine features:

The lifting table is driven by hydraulic cylinder.

PLC control, touch screen display, pressure and time can be set, parameters and action dynamic display.

 In the end stage of pressure relief, the cylinder can complete the air spring cover winding action.

 Pressure and time setting, control and display functions are required.

 Safety guarantee: install the protective baffle to prevent the defective products from blasting and causing injury to personnel.

 Automatically open and close the door, zero pressure to open the door, hands button to close the door.

 Automatic/manual two control modes, manual operation for the button.

 Pressure test failure, alarm lamp (bell) alarm.

Air Suspension/Air Spring Tightness Testing Machine Specification
1Working platform hight1450mm
2Working table effective space670×690mm
3Distance between table and upper plate1000mm
4Working platfrom stroke Max 800mm
5Applicable air spring diameter Max 330mm

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