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There are tension and constant tension two types of molding machine line. The production line is mainly used for Nylon belt, EP belt, cotton canvas belt etc. multi-fabric conveyor belt auto molding and gum pasting.

Main Technical Specifications
 Technical parameters /SpecificationDCS-1400DCS-1800DCS-2400DCS-2600
 Max Belt Width ( mm)1200160022002400
Max Belt Thickness (mm)30303040
Max Belt Diameter (mm)3000350035003500
Max Belt Weight(ton)10101010
Molding Speed ( m/min)5-305-305-305-30
Rubber Sheet Thickness (mm)1-201-201-201-20
Tension ControlTension brakeTension brakeTension brakeTension brake
Correction Control SystemServoServoServoServo
Molding Table Length (mm)3000300030003000
Molding Table Height ( mm)820820820820

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