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Main features:
Rubber calender is By two either two above rolls, according to certain form arrangement, under certain temperature, extends the rubber or the plastic suppression certain thickness and the superficial shape film, and may carries on to the textile fiber curtain canvas or the steel wire curtain cloth hangs the rubber the machinery. the ordinary calender mainly by the bowl, the rack, the roller is apart from the adjusting device, the roller warm adjusting device, the transmission device, the lubrication system and the control system and so on is composed. the precision calender besides has the ordinary calender main spare part and the equipment, increased the guarantee rolling precision installment.

(1) According to technology use can be divided into paste calender, friction calender, tablet pressing machine, pressure type rolling machine, laminating calender and experimental rolling machine and other.

(2) According to the number of roller can be divided into two roller calender, three roller rolling mill, four roll calender, roll calender and multi roller rolling machine and other.

(3) According to the roller arrangement can be divided into type I calender, gamma type calender, L type calender, Z type calender, s type calender and other form of rolling machine.

Main Technical Specification

160x320252x720360x1120450 x 1400550x 1650610x 1730710x2130810x2430860x2500
Roll dia.mm160252360450550610710810860
Roll working lengthmm3207201120140016501730213024302500
Roll ratio
Roll linear speedm/min7.791.2-123-20.22.5-24.82-18.74-362-202-203~30
Adjusting nip rangemm0-4.50-60-100-100-120-150.5-250.5-250~30
Min. calendering product thicknessmm0.
Calendering product widthmm250580920125016001500185021502200
Motor powerKW5.51537457590110160132kwx2
Overall dimensionsLmm2200395054007013720059878150869012000
Weight- Approx. Weight

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