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Features of internal mixer: 
1. Different type of rotors can satisfy the user's mixing requirement.

2. The internal mixer is with rotor chamber, discharge door and ram are circulation-cooled. with TCU, it can guarantee the quality of mixed rubber compound.
3. Hydraulic type sealing structure guarantees the closed grain of the adhesive materials.
4. Various driving system matchs the customers' requirement.
5. Control system is adopted with PLC system. 

6. Pneumatic or hydraulic type top mounted ram is optional basing on users' requirements

7. Excellent dispersing effect
8. Low noise, safe mixing
9. Maintenance friendly and long-life service

Main Technical Specifications
Total volume of mixinq chamber (L)26.5 Two-wing50 Two-wing80 Two-wing110 Two-wing147 Four-wing253 Two-wing250 Four-wing425 Four-wing
Working volume of mixing chamber (L)2037.56082.5110140188319
Speed of rear rotor R/MIN 404040404~4023.24-40(6-60)6~60
Speed ratio of rotors1:1.161:1.151:1.151:1.151:1.161:1.161:1.17/1:11:1.5/1:1
Pressure of compressed air MPA 0.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.8
Consumption of compressed air  m3/h ~70~80-100-230-300-120Hydraulic upper ram Hydraulic upper ram
Pessure of coolinq water  MPA 0.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.4
Consumption of coolinq water  m'/h ~10~15~25~35~45~23-100-150
Main motor power   KW5590(110)220250(280)5002501250(1500)1250kwx2
Overall dimension   MM4460x 3225x 32005560x 2510x 32005800x 2560x 42006620x 2850x 44008000x 3300x 52607100x 3905x 49538700x 4320x 616010800x 4960x 7040
Approx.weight (excluding main motor) t~7~14~22~26~36~35~50~76

Main Technical Specifications
Total volume of mixing chamber   L 47 Intermeshing rotor87 Intermeshing rotor140 Intermeshing rotor160 Intermeshing rotor200 Intermeshing rotor250 Intermeshing rotor320 Intermeshing rotor420 Intermeshing rotor
Working volume of mixing chamber    L 305791104130162208273
Speed of rear rotor r/min6~606~606-605~506~604~406~606~60
Speed ratio of rotors1:11:11:11:11:11:1
Pressure of cooling water   Mpa 0.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.4
Consumption of cooling water   m3/h ~15~25~40~50~60-100-120-150
Main motor power  kw 2805207207501100125016801250kwx2
Overall dimensions  MM6200x 2345x 37507500x 2870x 47008200x 3100x 52758600x 3800x 57309000x 4800x 63309500x 4850x 63309800x 4850x 650011500x 4960x 7400
Approx. weight(excluding main motor) t ~15~23~29-39~45~56~60~78

Remark: This machine is equipped with hydraulic upper ram and intermeshing rotors. The main motor is divided into left and right driven for cients convenience.

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