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The fatigue testing machine is to acquire relatively real longevity of air spring by simulating the working state of real vehicles. It is mainly used for testing the durability, load fatigue, reciprocating fatigue, fatigue life, dynamic stiffness, static stiffness and etc,. of the air suspension.

Main features:

1. Working principle:the servo motor drives the eccentric roller as the vibration generator power, the electromagnetic resistance as the damping system, to achieve the stable swing of the platform, make full use of the resonance principle and electromagnetic induction resistance principle, with small power to start the vibration to achieve a large load and effective energy saving (energy consumption is less than 10% of the ordinary testing machine).

2. Air pressure detection: The air spring at four work stations adopts four sets of pressure transmitters to detect independently, and each group adopts two sets of zero-leakage solenoid valves to control independently.

3. The touch screen displays the air spring pressure and vibration times of each station in real time.

4. Inlet pressure is controlled by proportional servo valve and can be set at will.

5. The machine is able to detect the failure of state each set of air spring in real time during the test, and automatically alarm and stop when failure occurs.

6. Accidental power loss protection, data automatic saving.

Air Suspension/Air Spring Fatigue Testing Machine Specification
1Suitable Air Spring HeightMax. 650mm
2Testing LoadMax. 5T for each single air spring
(It can be reached to 10t by using 2-station)
3Testing AmplitudeMax. 125mm
4Testing Frequency1-1.7HZ
5Q-ty for working station4
6Accuracy of pressure indication0.10%
7Energy consumption< 4KW 


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