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Before rubber/plastic compound mixing process, various additives are respectively weighed, collected and checked by the automatic system according to the formula set in the micro-control system. After starting the system, the whole process will be done accordingly and automatically.

The system is equipped with many practical functions, such as auto weighing, auto conveying, auto check and alert, quality tracking, barcode poka-yoke, monitor-record and play-back, data collecting and storage, report output, etc., with features of arrangement flexibility, compact structure, high precision, high efficiency, convenient operating environment, high automation, advanced technology and so on.


This system is suitable for powder, pellet and flake materials, which is widely used in rubber, plastic, chemical, food and other industries.


This system mainly includes big bag unloading station, storage bins, feeders (screw or electric vibration), basket conveyor line, scale module, control module and dust collector.

Options: Auto bag-filling module, auto sealing module and auto stacking module.

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