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This machine is used for vulcanizng Sidewall conveyor belt. Mainly composed of active roller tension stretching device, sidewall splicing device, cleat splicing device, passive roller stretching device, supporting roller group, electric control system, hydraulic system, etc.
This kind of Corrugated sidewall conveyor belt vulcanizing machine can vulcanize sidewall conveyor belt with clapboard and skirt side. The pattern of the clapboard and skirt side can be designed by customer's specific request.The corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is special patterned conveyor belt. Use corrugated sidewall conveyor belt vulcanizing machine to vulcanize corrugated side wall belt, can prevent spillage.
The size and pattern of the corrugated side wall can be changed by changing mould. One machine for all kinds.

Good quality with reasonable price. Easy operation with convenient maintenance. Low labor intensity and low energy consumption. 

Technical specifications:

Technical parameters / Specification of Sidewall Conveyor Belt Manufacturing Line 
Technical parametersBD240-1200-1500BD240-1200-2000BD400-1400-1500BD400-1400-2000BD630-2200-2000BD630-2400-2500
Platen Size(mm)1200x1500x701200x2000x701400x1500 x 701400x2000x702200 x 2000 x 802400x2500x80
Unit Pressure2.0MPa2.0MPa2.0MPa2.0MPa2.0MPa2.0MPa
Cylinder Qty464668
Active Roller Diameter(mm)6306308008008001000
Cleat Effective Width(mm)250-750250-750410-830410-830410-830650-1750mm
Passive Roller Diameter(mm)6306308008008001000

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