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Main features:
1.Hydraulic pressure drives the mould opening/closing and center mechanism.
2.Multi-cylinder provides pressure to make even force and small deformation on heating platens.
3. The safety lock can make sure the safety for maintenance.
4. The mould height can be adjusted automatically.
5. The hydraulic system adopts Yuken, Rexroth, Parke world famous brand which can work safely, reliably and without any leakage.
6. Low energy consumption.
7. Advanced control system can finish the setting of vulcanizing and parameter changing rapidly. 

Main Technical Specifications
Vulcanized tube specificationsBellow 28''
Max. Clamping force (KN) 255
Max. Diameter of hot plate (mm)760
Applicable mold height (mm)70~120
Motor power (KW)7.5
Hot plate steam pressure (MPa)0.8
Tube curing inner pressure (MPa)0.8-1.0
Mold layer quantity 2
Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)1280×900×1770
Weight (Kg)1600

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