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Features of the machine:

1. Working condition: Highest 40, lowest 5, the humidit, the humidit is no mort than 95%.
2. This machine is comprised of the two main parts, the double two-screw extruder and the two-roll sheeter. 
3. It has the welded feeding barrel of jacket type and the bored sheeting roll where cooling water or hot oil/hot water/steam can be lead through to control the temperature and meet the technological requirements for different kinds of stock.
4. The working surfaces of all parts in contact with stock are plated with hard chrome to resist abrasion and corrosion.
5. The electrical control system incorporating the PLC technology can provide not only individual control of single machines but also gang control of the sheeting line.

Twin Screw Rubber Sheeter Technical Specifications
Equipped mixer capacity80L110L160L200L270~300L370~410L580L620L
Nominal production capacity (t/h)13579122028
Max.Rubber sheet width (mm)300~400300~500400~600500~750700~850~1000~1200

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