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Machine Introduction:

1. Rubber vulcanizing press mainly consists of host machine, hydraulic system, and electronic control system.
2. Adopts hydraulic system drive, PLC control, the vulcanizing time, pressure and temperature are all adjustable.
3. Hot platens' temperature is controlled by temperature control system to guarantee the high precision and good quality of final products. 
4. PLC control system can accurately realize auto lifting, auto mould open/close, auto air exhausting, auto pressure filling, also with the vulcanizing timing function, vulcanizing alarms function, automatic control & manual control switch function.
5. Mould push-pull device can be configured to improve the efficience and save labor.

Machine Features:
1. Durable frame structure with sufficient raw material applied.
2. Reliable machine quality with superior accessories chosen.
3. Latest machine design.
4. Less maintenance needed.
5. Easy installation.
6. Environment protection.
7. High safety configuration.
8. PLC control system.
9. High efficient and superior vulcanizing performance.
10. Low power consumption & labor saving.

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